Carols from many lands


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The singing at Ely Cathedral has been famous since the time of King Canute. Edward the Confessor attended the monastic school and probably sang in the choir, but the group of boy choristers, as we know them today, was first brought together to sing the daily mass in the newly-built Lady Chapel in the 15th century.

Adult professional singers were added as required, and the choir was given its present form in the mid-16th century. It normally consists of eighteen Choristers and six Lay Clerks, but on occasions the men’s rank is increased to twelve.All these carols are new arrangements and, except No. 9 (Emmaus Carol), have been made especially for the Choir of Ely Cathedral by Paul Trepte.

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1 03:36 Les anges dans nos campagnes (Angels from the realms of glory)
2 02:21 Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle! (Come with torches, Jeanette, Isabella!)
3 02:50 Dans cette étable (Cradled all lowly)
4 02:05 Célébrons la naissance (We sing in celebration)
5 04:17 Et barn er født i Betlehem (A child is born in Bethlehem), Deilig er den himmel blaa (Lovely is the dark blue sky)
6 02:05 W żlobie &lstroke;eży, któż pobieży (Infant holy, Infant lowly)
7 03:10 This endris night
8 03:46 Coventry Carol
9 03:57 Emmaus Carol
10 05:45 Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
11 03:45 While shepherds watched their flocks
12 03:15 Dormi, dormi. o bel bambin (Sleep, O sleep, my lovely child
13 05:12 El desembre congelat (Cold December’s winds were stilled), El Noi de la Mare (The Son of the Virgin)
14 01:26 Lieb’ Nachtigall, wach auf! (Dear nightingale, awake!)
15 04:02 Susani (Vom Himmel hoch) (Come, angels, come!)
16 04:24 Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (How brightly beams the Morning Star)

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Ely Cathedral


David Price (Organ), Brss Ensemble






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